Who is responsible for contraception – the man or the woman?

The people of Dublin give us their opinion on the shared (or not) responsibility of contraception with some surprising results

Is it the man or the women’s responsibility to provide the contraception? This question has traditionally been met with a general consensus that it is the woman’s job to ensure she prevents her own pregnancy. But is this an outdated concept? Shouldn’t men be taking more of the onus? 

Studies show that 78% of men and 90% of women think that contraception it is a joint responsibility. Yet in reality only 50% of people in relationships share the responsibility.

With the introduction of the male contraceptive injection (Vasalgel) looking set to hit the market by 2017, the dialogue surrounding this issue could soon be changing, and isn’t it about time? Vasalgel is a non hormonal reversible injection that requires only one injection in order to be effective, and another to erase the effects, so will it take off?

Before this product was announced, vlogger Katie Varvos asked the people of Dublin what they think about contraception and sex, and gives her views on the topic.

What do guys really think of women who carry condoms? And should guys be more willing to take precautions?



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