Sex and STIs – are you protected?

Katie Varvos asks the people of Dublin why there is such a stigma attached to STIs

A recent University College Cork (UCC) survey found that 50% of students hadn’t used protection during their last sexual experience and 10% had never used contraception.

The study also found that two out of three students have never been tested for STIs, meaning that there may be many several STIs that are currently undiagnosed.

Sexual health is a very important part of general wellbeing- but many people don’t get regular checkups like they would for a dentist or other doctor appointment. So why is this? The HSE reports that STIs are the most common cause of disease around the world, and infections are increasing, so it’s more important than ever to be careful and responsible when it comes to sex.

The  startling results of the survey led Dublin-based blogger, Katie Varvos, to go out on the streets of Dublin to ask people if they use protection, whether they’ve been tested for STIs, and if there’s a stigma about STIs in Dublin.

Her results were varied and interesting – what do you think?

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Remember: for more sexual health advice, or to see a GP about a sexual health problem see the HSE website for details about your nearest sexual health clinic.

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