How to feel good inside and out

Over the years, I’ve learned a lot about what makes women feel good, and by that I don’t just mean the latest fad diet or beauty product, but what really creates that feeling of inner satisfaction that radiates from the inside out.
We all know how good we feel when we get our hair and make-up done, or slide into a new dress or killer heels, but wouldn’t it be great to feel that good all the time? The good news is you can (and you don’t need a new pair of louboutins every time!) 

So how do we achieve this? How can we feel beautiful more often? There are some very simple ways that surprisingly, many of us find difficult so when integrating these into your life, take your time and be patient with yourself because it can be difficult to take on all these tips at once.

  1. Schedule your ‘me’ time
    Finding time for yourself is something we all struggle with as our lives are getting busier. I know how hard it can be when you’re working, dating or running a busy house -relaxing is usually last on the agenda. However make sure you schedule in that monthly massage, facial or weekly meditation or yoga class and this will do wonders for how you feel. The mind will be clearer, the stress levels lower and so the frown lines lesser.
  2. Look after your skin
    It is important to put good food in our bodies so why not put good food on our skin too? Keep your skin clean, fresh and moisturised by using (wherever possible) natural skincare products that contain ingredients such as glycerine, which can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Skincare with plant based ingredients and natural oils will encourage the skin to glow like nature intended. It is also beneficial to spend a little time applying products by gently massaging them into the skin with the tips of your fingers. This will encourage the skin’s natural circulation, bringing healthy nutrients to the skin and removing toxins from it. Your skin will not only look great but feel great!
  3. Fuel your body
    Start eating more natural, wholesome, unprocessed foods and you will start to feel amazing: Your energy levels will rocket, your skin will glow, and you’ll feel more motivated to choose other healthy lifestyle choices. Start small and eliminate snacking at work, for example, make a trip to the supermarket or local farm shop to buy some seasonal fruit and vegetables or try other healthy snacks such as oatcakes and hummus, tapenade or pesto. These will give you a longer lasting energy boost that chocolate or treats with added sugar will not. Your skin will also thank you.
  4. Move more
    This is the one that always causes people to groan, however there are so many forms of exercise that there is sure to be something to suit you. Start small with a brisk walk every other evening and build up to more high-intensity training (sprinting, spinning) if you want to see visible results.  Do some research and find something that works for you. You’ll again see an increase in energy and your body will feel stronger, look more toned and the skin look fresher.
  5. Focus on the positives
    A positive mental attitude is much harder to achieve than it sounds, but you can take small steps each day to create this. Start and finish each day outlining what it is you want to achieve and what it is you are grateful for. When things don’t fall into place (relationships, weight loss goals, jobs) try not to write it off as a complete failure, but think about what you have learned from each experience.

Remember: Take your time and introduce some of these tips over time instead of all together, as it is easier to fail if you try everything at once. It won’t matter what you wear when you feel amazing.

Niamh Hogan is a holistic therapist and the creator and owner of Holos Skincare

@Niamhhogan on Twitter


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