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Dr Gigi Taguri

Dr Gigi Taguri | LloydsPharmacy Online Doctor

GMC Reference Number: 6129350

Dr Gigi Taguri completed her medical training at the Royal Free and University College Medical School before going on to achieve a second degree in Immunology. She worked in a number of London hospitals, particularly enjoying emergency medicine as well as sexual health, before joining the Online Doctor clinical team in 2011 and becoming Director of Medical Technology in 2018.

Qualifications & Memberships
Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (Royal Free and University College Medical School)
Intercalated BSc Immunology & Cell Pathology (University College London)
Member of the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare 
Member of the Royal College of General Practitioners (2011)
Member of the Royal Colleges of Physicians (2009)

Medical Specialty & Areas of Interest
Interest in sexual and digital health, including clinical UX  / UI design that delivers safe, effective, easy-to-use online healthcare.

Current & Prior Practice
GP (White Lodge Medical Practice, Enfield)

Research & Articles
R Berber, O Berber, NG Taguri, RS Maroju, S Abdulla. Pseudarthrosis of the tibia: Emergency department presentation of Neurofibromatosis Type 1 in a 4 month old infant. Emerg Med J. 2009;26(4):306 (PMID: 19307407)

NG Taguri, M Ponticos, DJ Abraham. The role of Th3 cells (TGF-β producing T cells) in Systemic Sclerosis. Rheumatology, Apr 2004;43:ii100

R Stratton, H Penn, NG Taguri, X Shiwen, DJ Abraham, A Leask, CM Black. Role of the RAS/MEK/ERK signaling pathway and its inhibitory regulation by prostanoids in the fibrotic/wound healing response. Rheumatology, Apr 2004;43:ii54