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Ovranette is an oral combined contraceptive pill, manufactured by Pfizer. It contains 30 micrograms Ethinyloestradiol and 150 micrograms Levonorgestrel, synthetic versions of the hormones oestrogen and progesterone, which are naturally produced by your body.

Key Features
  • 99% effective in preventing pregnancy when taken correctly
  • Not advised for women who are are over 35 years old and smoke, have high blood pressure or are overweight. In these cases the mini-pill, implant or coil may be a safer choice
How do I order Ovranette?
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About Ovranette

Ovranette is a combined contraceptive pill, it contains Ethinyloestradiol and Levonorgestrel, synthetic versions of the hormones oestrogen and progesterone, which are naturally produced by your body. 

How does Ovranette work?

Ovranette works primarily by suppressing the mechanism of ovulation. It stops the egg (ovum) from ripening and being released from the ovaries. In addition to this, Ovranette thickens the cervical mucus, to make it harder for sperm to reach the egg, and alters the womb lining (endometrium) to make it more difficult for any egg that is fertilised to implant itself there.

How do I take Ovranette?

Since Ovranette is a monophasic (one-phase) pill, each tablet contains the same amount of the hormones ethinyloestradiol and levonorgestrel (oestrogen and progesterone). Simply take one tablet daily at the same time each day, with or without food, for 21 consecutive days. You should then take a 7-day pill-free break, during which you should experience your withdrawal bleed. You will still be protected against pregnancy during this break, providing you have taken your contraception as prescribed.

Ovranette FAQs

How do I take Ovranette?

Take one pill every day for 21 days until the packet is finished. You will then have a seven day pill free break and will experience a withdrawal bleed, much like a period. You should always start your next strip after the seven day break on time, even if your period hasn't finished. If you miss a pill, consult the patient information leaflet provided with the medication. 

How effective is Ovranette?

Ovranette is 99% effective when taken correctly.

What are the side effects?

Some of the more common side effects associated with Ovranette may include: nausea, headaches, breast tenderness and mood swings, if you have any concerns or persistent side effects please consult a doctor.

If you experience any severe or serious side effects please contact your nearest emergency department for urgent medical attention.

Please read the patient information leaflet, which comes with the medication carefully before taking your pill which provides a full list of side effects and serious signs to look out for.

Can I take other medicines with Ovranette?

Certain medications and herbal remedies can reduce the effectiveness of your pill. If you start taking any prescription or non-prescription medications while taking the pill then contact us via your patient record. Alternatively, your own doctor should be able to give you guidance.

Why do I need my blood pressure, height and weight checked at the pharmacy?

To safely order a prescription for Ovranette, we need to know your height, weight and blood pressure. This is because the combined contraceptive pill can cause your blood pressure to rise, and can increase the risk of blood clots, a heart attack or a stroke.

Your pharmacist will carry out these checks before dispensing your pill to make sure it's safe for you to take. Most pharmacies offer this service for free.

How long does Ovranette take to work?If you have not previously been using a hormonal contraceptive you should start taking this pill on the first day of your period which will protect you against pregnancy straight away. If you take it any later, you must be sure you could not already be pregnant and use condoms for seven days to be protected.
What happens if I am not suitable for a prescription?If our doctors think that an online consultation is not appropriate we will let you know via your patient record and refund you straight away. Please note that refunds take two to three working days to appear on your statement.
Where do I have to take the paper prescription? You can take your prescription into any pharmacy in the Republic of Ireland.

What Do I Do With My Results Card?

When you receive your prescription in the post, you will also receive a results card along with a Freepost envelope.

Simply take this with you and ask the pharmacist to fill in the back of the card.

Return it to us either using the Freepost envelope, or by uploading a photo (or scan) of the completed card to your patient record.

You will not be able to re-order unless you return your results card in the post or upload it to your patient record.

How Do I Re-Order My Prescription?

To re-order your prescription, you must have returned your last results card to us. You can send it back to us using the Freepost envelope that comes with your prescription, or alternatively you can upload it to your patient record.

Why do you need my results card?

If your blood pressure is high or you are overweight, this can increase your risk of a heart attack, blood clot, or stroke, when taking the combined pill, patch or ring. Therefore we need to know these details so that we can continue to safely prescribe you the combined pill.

The results card is our way of keeping you safe and making sure your pharmacist is only dispensing combined contraception if it's medically appropriate for you.