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Is It Safe to Buy ED Medication Online?

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The short answer is no. Online pharmacy is still illegal in the Republic of Ireland and therefore pharmacies shipping to Ireland are operating illegally under Irish law. This means that, should something go wrong, you have absolutely no protection as either a consumer or patient.

In Ireland pharmacies are regulated by the Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland, who are tasked with ensuring chemists meet the highest standards in patient safety. Online pharmacies that ship to Ireland are frequently unregulated, which means:

  • The medication provided may be counterfeit and potentially fatal if ingested 
  • The dosage provided may be incorrect and prove dangerous to your health
  • Your patient and credit card data may not be properly stored or managed
  • There is no guarantee that your order will ever actually arrive

Until there is a change in Irish legislation to legalise online pharmacy (as per Northern Ireland and the UK) we strongly recommend that patients fulfil their prescriptions at a register e.g. ‘bricks and mortar’ chemist.