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Combined Contraception & Blood Pressure

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Combined contraception & blood pressure

Combined contraceptive is generally a very safe and effective method of contraception. However, if your blood pressure is high or you are overweight, this can increase your risk of a heart attack, blood clot, or stroke, when taking the combined pill.

What does this mean for me?

If you choose 'in-pharmacy collection', when you go to collect your prescription at your chosen participating LloydsPharmacy, you will be asked to sign a consent. This consent is for your biometric data (height, weight and blood pressure) to be checked and recorded, and for this information to be entered into our secure system. Once the checks are complete, the pharmacist will access your prescription and you can purchase your medication.

If you have requested a postal prescription, you will still need to have your height, weight and blood pressure checked to ensure the combined pill is safe for you to take before your chosen pharmacy can dispense your pill. Most pharmacies offer these checks for free, and they will take just 5-10 minutes.

How do I send you my results card?

When you receive your prescription in the post, you will find enclosed a test results card and a Freepost envelope. Simply take these to your pharmacist where they will carry out your required checks, and ask them to write your results on the back of the card.

You can either return the card to us using the Freepost envelope, or take a photo of it and upload a scan or photo of it to your Patient Record.

If you collected your prescription in-pharmacy, this information will have automatically been sent to us for secure record.

What happens if I don't return the results card?

The results card enables our doctors to keep an up-to-date record of your height, weight and blood pressure, so that we can continue to ensure that your pill is safe for you to take.

If you don't return the card to us, our doctors won't have any way to make sure that your pill is still safe for you to take. Therefore, unless you return your results card to us, you won't be able to re-order from Lloyds Online Doctor.